• 16-JUN-2015

Gridiron Goals: Coach Wilcher Talks adidas and Cass Tech the Most Intimidating Duo in Michigan

During this year's NBA All-Star Weekend adidas unleashed "Take It," an ad that prominently featured Cass Tech's football team, the Technicians, in their signature dark green adidas TECHFIT jerseys. One of the top-rated high school football teams in Michigan, they've lost only seven games in the past six years, proving that adidas has nurtured a true talent of Detroit as they have been it's sponsor. Big Sean even geared up in adidas TECHFIT uniforms and adizero cleats for his outstanding "IDFWU" video that debuted last Fall to much acclaim. In the video Big Sean can be seen proudly flaunting his swag as he takes it to the next level on the gridiron with his fans cheering him on.Since 2013, head coach Thomas Wilcher has helped the Cass Technicians realize their destiny as an all-star team both on and off the field. "Cass Tech has a great tradition in academics, and they're building their legacy right now in sports. And a lot of professional athletes come from Cass, so we are continuing on what we've already built," he believes. "Athletics goes hand in hand with academics because we are lifting the kids up, and we show them that you can be a studious person and do athletics, as we're trying to get our athletes to be valedictorians, Magna Cum Laudes. And we're trying to make sure it stays that way since our athletes can do sports and academics while being successful at both."

When adidas came to Cass Tech to support the already untouchable team they knew they had something special on their hands. "adidas have really impacted our school and put us on a different level now: Our kids excel better, they feel more confident when they put the gear on, it's a high quality fabric, our equipment lasts longer, and our kids get an opportunity at Cass Tech during pre-game to walk around in adidas flip-flops!" Wilcher bellows. "And then to see a commercial with us that comes on during NBA All-Star Weekend. Can you imagine? It's so uplifting. The kids were in awe."

With the new studio, Wilcher is excited to hear new demos and cuts, perhaps even a team anthem to cheer on game days. "Those are special," he says, "Game day begins with us passing out the uniforms because the kids want to get the jerseys on. They beg to wear jerseys and they really want to display it in school walking through the hallways. They go to class, and then we warm-up with the crowds cheering. But don't let it be a night game," he warns, "the kids are off the chain!"

When the Cass Technicians step onto the field in uniforms and helmets representing the CT, as well as the adidas logo, they have fused a bind that makes the school stronger than ever. Throughout our time speaking with students of all ages from participants in the arts to the athletics they have benefitted so much from the sponsorship as their confidence rings louder than night game audience at Cass Tech. Now armed with a music studio, Cass Tech is a revolutionary school in yet another way that pushes each level of curriculum to the top, with Big Sean's voice soaring beside them, and adidas beckoning the team to another victory.